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Kris Van Damme (also known as Kristopher Van Varenberg) portrayed Young Luc Deveraux in Universal Soldier, Young Chris in The Quest, Ethan Kristoff in Derailed, Miles in Universal Soldier: Regeneration and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Schell in Assassination Games, Sgt. Feldman in Dragon Eyes, Selwyn Gaul in Six Bullets, Brett in Welcome to the Jungle, Francois in Enemies Closer, Dusan in Kill 'Em All, and Kagan in Black Water.

He was also an associate producer on Welcome to the Jungle.


  • Kris Van Damme is one of the many people to work with Jean-Claude Van Damme more than once.
  • He is the son of Jean-Claude Van Damme and brother of Bianca Bree and Nick Van Damme.